Scenario for a Space Museum

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    Scenario for a Space Museum, 2018
    Part 7 of The Lebanese Rocket Society project, A tribute to dreamers
    3 Sculptures, concrete, cement, alabaster, copper
    Production in collaboration with Material Labs (Jad Debs) and Maissa Maatouk
  • Invited to participate to the exhibition Cycles of Collapsing Progress and during a visit to the site, we were surprised to discover, under a helipad, a hidden Space Museum, conceived and built by Oscar Niemeyer as part of the Rashid Karame fair. It echoed, at the end of the film The Lebanese Rocket Society, an animation sequence, a uchronia had the project continued in Lebanon, featuring the society’s very own Space Museum.

    These two projects were independent yet inextricably linked, but both were suspended, halted in their tracks. Could Niemeyer have designed this Space Museum with the intent of exhibiting The Lebanese Rocket Society’s achievements? Both projects are animated by the same political desire for change, revolution, anti-imperialism, scientific knowledge and human progress, by the sense of being contemporary, of sharing the same experiences with the rest of the world. In reactivating them in the present, without nostalgia, the Space Museum and The Lebanese Rocket Society are brought together for the first time.

    SCENARIOS FOR A SPACE MUSEUM is a set of 3 bas reliefs. These are sculptures which, each time, present the “vision” of a possible exhibition at the Space Museum, a “possible narration” :

    – The uchronia imagined by the artists and Ghassan Halwani for the animation film of the feature Documentary : The Lebanese Rocket Society

    -A reconstitution of an exhibition as it could have been set up at the Haigazian University in the 60’s

    -A display of the artworks created by Joana and Khalil for the Lebanese Rocket Society project.

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