Part 5: A carpet

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    The Lebanese Rocket Society
    A tribute to dreamers. PART V
    A carpet…
    Hand made rug, 550cm x 280 cm or 275cm x 140 cm
    Co-produced by Marseille Provence, 2013

    During the 1920s, young Armenian girls, most of whom were survivors of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, produced magnificent carpets at an orphanage workshop in Lebanon. One of the largest carpets that these girls wove was offered to the White House as a token of gratitude for American support of their workshop. Produced by more than 400 girls over 18 months, the carpet measured 5.5 by 3 meters in size. After initially being displayed in the White House, the carpet is now, for various reasons, rarely shown; few people are aware of its existence.
    Woven today in Armenia, as a tribute to those orphans and to their descendants many of whom participated in the adventure of the Lebanese space race, A Carpet bears the image of the Cedar IV Rocket stamp issued in 1964 in celebration of the space Program. It is an evocation of these two stories, of the two generations, establishing a link between them. It recalls the will to persist, aspire and dream, a hymn to life in spite of everything, a token of gratitude.

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  • Exhibitions
    « Ici, Ailleurs », Marseille Provence 2013, Friche belle de Mai, Marseille 2013
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