Part 4: Restaged

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    The Lebanese Rocket Society
    A tribute to dreamers. PART IV :
    9 C-prints 100 x 72 cm

    The photograph represent the reenactment of the transport of the Cedar IV rocket, moving along the streets from Dbayeh to Haigazian University, in the very heart of Beirut. Restaged goes back to the act itself without resorting to digital software, which “reenact” the transport of the rocket itself. Using a silhouette in white wood of the sculpture reproduced in two dimensions which passes through the town, resorting to the same device as before, the idea is to replay what was replayed, to find again the trace of a trace. The speed of the rocket’s passage captures ephemeral traces of strange appearances inthe city.

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  • Exhibitions
    « Lebanese Rocket Society: Part III, IV & V ». The Third Line Dubai, UAE
    « How soon is now : a tribute to dreamers », Beirut Exhibition Center, Lebanon
    « Lebanese Rocket Society: Part III, IV, V& VI ». Gallery In Situ fabienne leclerc, Paris, France
    « Sweet sixties : Stories and Morals » Gallery Nova, WHW, Zagreb, Croatia
    « Lebanese Rocket Society: Part II, III, IV & V ». CRG Gallery, New York, USA
    « Permanent collection », Musée National d’art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Beaubourg, Paris, 2013