Part 3: The Golden Record

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    The Lebanese Rocket Society
    A tribute to dreamers. PART III :
    The Golden Record
    Video installation and frieze, 19 minutes
    Co produced by The Lyon Biennale, 2011

    It was said that the group of scientists of the Lebanese Rocket Society installed a radio transmitter in the head of the Cedar rockets, before launching them, to track their path. The transmitter broadcast a message on radio waves.

    A few years later, in 1977, American space exploration missions Voyager 1 and 2, carried messages for potential extraterrestrials, engraved on golden records, of sounds and images selected to a�?represent the diverse forms of life, history and culture on eartha�? as a message of peace and liberty. A kind of a�?interstellar greetingsa�?.

    a�?The Golden Recorda�? of the Lebanese Rocket Society is a visual and sound installation based on archives of the 60a��s and inspired by the memories of the various members of the Lebanese Rocket Society. Similar to a time capsule, the records form a portrait and a sound representation of Beirut and of the world in the sixties.

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  • Exhibitions
    A� A terrible Beauty is born A�, 11em Biennale de Lyon, La sucriA?re, Lyon France
    A� How soon is now : a tribute to dreamers A�, Beirut Exhibition Center, Lebanon
    A� Lebanese Rocket Society: Part III, IV & V A�. The Third Line Dubai, UAE
    A� La��institut des archives sauvages A�, Villa Arson, Nice , France
    A� Rumo ao Sul (Destination South) A�, Sam art projects, MUBE, Museum Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paolo, Brasil
    A� Lebanese Rocket Society: Part III, IV, V& VI A�. Gallery In Situ fabienne leclerc, Paris, France
    A� Encounters A� , Royal Academy of Arts & Katara, Doha Qatar
    A� Lebanese Rocket Society: Part II, III, IV & V A�. CRG Gallery, New York, USA
    A� Shifting Sands A� : CACSA Contempory Art Center for South Autralia, Adelaide Autralia