The President’s Album

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    The President’s Album, 2011
    Part 2 of The Lebanese Rocket Society, Elements for a monument
    32 Digital prints 800 x 120 cm each, fold in 32 parts
    Co-produced by Sharjah Biennial 10

    The President’s Album is a photographic installation consisting of 32 identical 8-meter long photographs, folded into 32 parts. Each photograph presents a different fold to the viewer, so that the installation displays the entirety of the image. Each is a composition of two images. The first is taken from the 32-page Lebanese Rocket Society photo album that documented the Cedar IV Rocket’s launch, offered to the then President of Lebanon, Fouad Chehab. The second is part of an image of the Cedar IV Rocket reproduction installed at Haigazian University, but painted in its original Lebanese flag colors.

    The President’s Album posits the image, its fragmentation, reconstitution and recognition, as a tool for understanding this history. In each part lies the reminder that while the visible fold represents only a fragment of the rocket, the whole image, and its forgotten history, is potentially there, hidden.
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