Where is My Mind?

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    Where is My Mind?, 2020
    Part 5 of I Stared At Beauty So Much project
    Video Installation
    3 HD video synchronised, Dimension : 230 x 1200cm
    Poem by Georges Seféris
    Post Production: Laurent Brett (Brett & Cie)
    Music & Mixing: Olivier Goinard
    Voice over : Joana Hadjithomas
  • Where Is My Mind? is a video animation made up of several synchronized projections and based on images taken in various archaeological museums. Ancient statues which lost their heads or having heads but untraceable bodies move forward haunted by the poetry of Georges Seferis: “They told us you’ll conquer when you surrender. We surrendered and found ashes. They told us you’ll conquer when you love. We loved and found ashes. They told us you’ll conquer when you abandon your life. We abandoned our life and found ashes. We found ashes. It remains to recuperate our life, now that we’ve nothing left.” This mysterious parade of heroines or fallen heroes who have lost their singularity questions our identity at a time when we feel we are increasingly falling more captive to data and codes that could endanger our propensity to act and dream freely, politically and poetically.

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