Waiting for the Barbarians

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    Waiting for the Barbarians, 2013
    Part 4 of I Stared At Beauty So Much project
    Animated photography, sound, multiples sources, video HD format, 4 min 26 sec
    Commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre for the Visual Dialogues
  • In today’s troubled times of war, recessions and loss of ideals, Contantine Cavafy’s voice through his poem “Waiting for the Barbarians” becomes more relevant than ever, echoing very strongly, resonating in endlessly disintegrating societies, in places where the unexpected always happen and where there is nothing but desire and poetry to counter violence and power.Focusing on the poem, the artists explore panoramic images of Beirut shifting from mobile to immobile, from the general to the constantly excavated detail, the specific. The works dwell on the time-lag of photographic processes and is made by superimposing more than 50 photos taken at different times, each of them trying to encapsulating different durations.  They are full of spatial – and mainly temporal – inconsistencies. Different instants mingle, thus creating impossible images evoking otherworldly visions. Photography becomes animate through subtle video overlays, creating a tension between stillness and motion, as if time, space and movement were constantly entagled. Temporalities become over imposed, nature is reversed and many suns appear on multiplied horizons.

  • Credits
    Inspired by the poem of Cavafy:Waiting for the Barbarians
    Voice over:Bernard Khoury
    Sound Design:Rana Eid
    Studio DB
    Photo and video:Khalil Joreige and Joana Hadjithomas
    Photo-composing:Alexis Gaillard
    Animation:Noel Paul
    Studio Rez Visual
    Belal Hibri
    Sound:Karine Basha
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