Two Suns in a Sunset

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    Two Suns in a Sunset, 2016
    Part 1 of I Stared At Beauty So Much project
    Diasec, 51 x 120 cm
    Edition of 5 + 2 AP
  • Two Suns in a Sunset explores panoramic images of Beirut made up of more than 50 photos taken at different times, with different shutter speeds.The photography becomes strangely, surprisingly animated, evoking arrested or suspended time but also movement that cannot be stopped, which appears ever present. It seems as if time, space and movement were constantly battling one another.

    Different instants mingle, thus creating impossible images evoking otherworldly visions. Temporalities become over imposed, nature is reversed and many suns appear on multiplied horizons.

    This work is the origin for the video Waiting for the Barbarians, based on the eponymous poem by Constantine Cavafy. The video is an animated travelling over images of Two Suns in a Sunset.

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