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    Palimpsests, 2017
    Part 4 of Unconformities project
    Video HD, 12min 40sec
  • Palimpsests is a short film that takes place over several sites across Beirut, and records the various processes used in order to create the drilling cores, notably the manner in which the material is sorted in order to determine the suitability of the foundations. Palimpsests plays with scales of time and size: the massive confronts the miniscule, and the viewer passes from the macro to the microscopic.

    “A scopic drift, the video Palimpsests offers a ballet, both vertical and horizontal, and questions the forms of representations and the issue of scale. It expresses these tense interactions between mechanical and geological forces, the buried remains and the arising history, the infinitely small and the infinitely big but also evokes ruptures, disasters and regenerations, from the past to our troubled present.” (Clément Dirié)

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