A State

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    A State, 2019
    Part 6 of Unconformities project
    Digital photography
    BH1: 140 x 235 cm (framed)
    BH2: 140 x 212 cm (framed)
    BH3: 140 x 230 cm (framed)
  • This series of three images is composed from a very peculiar drilling core, sourced from an enormous rubbish dump in Tripoli, Lebanon. A landfill bordering the sea and exposed to the elements, it has accumulated waste over a period of twenty-five years. This sedimentation has radically altered the local landscape, and today forms hills that rise forty-five meters above sea level; technofossils, resisting time, remain long after their surrounding landscapes disappear. The treatment of waste is at the center of questions regarding the inheritance of the planet, the Anthropocene, economic-environmental management and The Great Acceleration.

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