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    Trilogies, 2018-2021
    Part 5 of Unconformities project
    Series of works on paper, (photography, drawing, calligraphy)
    Variable dimensions
  • Trilogies : in ancient Greek treîs (“three”) + lógos (“stories”). In Trilogies, different artistic forms of representation (photography, drawing, a manuscript text) show possible narratives, markers of time as a succession of human and natural actions leaving imprints on stones. The artists resculpted the cores, took pictures of them, wrote some fragments of stories after asking historians, prehistorians, archaeologists, natural museum illustrators to draw those events, those actions with the specific codes of their disciplines as a scientific and imaginary index. The trilogies explore currently – in Beirut, two sites in Martyrs’ Square in midtown Beirut (Each with 9 Trilogies), one in Sadate street (9 trilogies), and another one in Sursock (6 Trilogies), – in Athens, some sites of Monesteraki (12 Trilogies), Keramikos (11 Trilogies) and Eleonas (12 Trilogies), – in Paris, a site close to the Louvre (9 Trilogies) and another one at Collège de France, musée de Cluny (12 Trilogies)

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