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    Video 1
    Itai??i??s all real : Sasha
    Video installation
    2 synchronized HD projections (4 mins 23 sec), 2014.

    Sasha also chooses not to speak. Born from a Russian mother and a Nigerian father, Sacha lives in Lebanon and is torn between her different origins. As a dancer, she expresses this struggle through a strange choreography. Two cameras film her in an attempt to capture her movements in two different tempos, later edited during post-production, the video projected onto two parallel screens. The spectator penetrates the projected space of this split body falling from one screen to the other. She seems dislocated, agitated, dismembered, all in an extreme mobility attempting to recompose itself entirely. Like the cycle of life which is made of collapses and revivals, she falls, gets back up, disperses herself then finds the strength to reassemble again.

    Video 2
    Extracted from The Rumor of the World

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