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    Video 1
    Itai??i??s all real : Tamara
    HD video (8 mins 47 sec), 2014
    Mar charbel video

    Tamara, a young Iraqi doctor of Christian faith, was forced to flee Baghdad and is now a refugee in Lebanon, increasingly closed in on her faith and community. She now works in a ai???christotherapyai??? center, curing drug addicts through prayer and the invocation of Christ. Her smile is unsettling as she constantly repeats that she is happy, refusing to acknowledge her victim status and hanging onto her beliefs, she presents her faith as a new identity in opposition with the scientific approach she defended not long ago. She establishes a link between her fictitious presence in the exhibition and her real one, claiming that life is like a movie, acting is living, having lived, and suffered, acting isnai??i??t playing.

    Video 2
    Extracted from The Rumor of the World

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