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    Video 1
    From Fidel
    Video HD (11 mins 48 sec), 2014.

    Amongst the amateur actors who were recruited for the filming of The Rumor of the World, a man in Lebanon, named Fidel seems to perfectly know the scam that he must memorize. Fidel explains that he was a scammer in Nigeria in the past, before arriving in Lebanon. In a short video, he accepts to speak about the different steps the scammers go through to hook their victim. From the way of speaking to the accessories (a Rolex watch or Armani shoes for example) and the chosen locations, everything is staged, almost like a film in the making.

    ai???Scams are another kind of movie that you cannot really explain. It’s a never-ending story. In these scams, you have to convince someone you’ve not seen, someone you don’t know, someone that you might not even see, but will pay you a lot of money. It’s a magical movie,ai??? Fidel tells us.

    Video 2
    Video HD (3 mins 38 sec), 2014.

    A former scammer, Fidel explains how he got there and how, filled with remorse, he ceased this activity, moving from Nigeria to Lebanon where he now is a sports coach and occasional stripper.

    Video 3
    Extracted from The Rumor of the World
    Video HD (4 mins 18 sec), 2014.

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