Part 3. Latent Images

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    Latent Images is the last part of the Wonder Beirut project.

    The three images of the drawers represent part of the rolls of films shot by the photographer Abdallah Farah but not developed yet.
    Since the war years, when he was often short of products, fixatives and most of all paper, he stopped developing his films, being content with taking the pictures. The rolls piled up, he felt no need to reveal them.

    Even today, although the situation has improved, he still does the same.
    If he does not develop the rolls, he nevertheless documents each photograph he takes in a small notebook. He describes it minutely. His pictures can therefore be read, giving free rein to the readera��s imagination. He defines this work as a�?the invisible imagea�? or a�?the image in the texta�?; we prefer calling it a�?Latent imagesa�?.

    Wonder Beirut (1997-2006) is a multi-stage project which also includes:

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