Khiam 2000 – 2007

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    Khiam 2000-2007, 2000-2007
    Part 2 of Khiam project
  • Until South Lebanon was freed in May 2000, it was impossible to go to Khiam camp, situated in an area occupied by Israel and its proxy militia, the South Lebanon army. Much was heard about the camp, but no image was ever seen.

    Sonia, Afif, Soha, Rajae, Kifah, Neeman spent more than ten years in the camp. Seated on a chair, and speaking straight into the camera, they describe in precise detail how they lived, slept and dreamt between the four walls of a cell measuring 180 x 80 cm for six to ten years. In order to survive in this world without images, they secretly produced the items that the artists have documented in Objects of Khiam.

    In May 2000, when the camp of Khiam was dismantled, it became possible to see the camp, which was later turned into a museum. But during the July 2006 war, the site was totally destroyed by Israeli raids. There was then talk of rebuilding it exactly as it had been. But is it possible to reconstruct a detention camp ? How can one preserve the traces, the memory? The artists met again with the six prisoners they had filmed in 1999 to recall and discuss the liberation, the total destruction of the camp, memories, imaginary, history, reconstitution and the power of the image.

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