History of the Circle of Confusion

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    History Of The Circle Of Confusion, 2009 Installation camera, computer, software and video projection, 3 x 4 m, 2 min In collaboration with Benjamin Bellamy and Cyril Hadjithomas
  • The image that disappears in Circle of Confusion reappears simultaneously in History of the Circle of Confusion, filmed and projected on a screen as a reverse re-enactment that presents the performative process. A camera captures the movements of the visitors as they remove fragments during the exhibition, generating every hour a film of 3000 images (2 minutes) projected onto a screen of the same size (3 x 4 meters), and displaying how the work is changing in real time. But a trace remains in the video. As the image disappears, the film built up. An immediate and evolving archive is produced through the recording of this specific process. Beirut does not stop existing.
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