Circle Of Confusion

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    A large aerial view of Beirut, 4 meters by 3, is cut up into 3,000 pieces stuck on a mirror.

    Each of these 3,000 fragments is numbered.

    Behind each fragment are written the words a�?Beirut does not exista�?.

    Visitors are invited to choose and take away a piece of the image. The image of Beirut becomes fragmented. Each time a visitor pulls out a piece, he uncovers a bit of mirror which reflects his image. As the fragments are gradually removed, an underlying mirror is revealed, reflecting the viewer and the installation surroundings.

    The title, Circle of Confusion, refers to a technical term that relates to a cameraa��s ability to distinguish two points for a particular image format. The installation embodies a reading of the city, which is in perpetual mutation and movement. The installation recalls the impossibility of truly grasping Beirut, which resists definition.

  • Exhibitions
    • Round Table, The 9th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, 2012
    • How soon is now : A tribute to dreamers, Solo exhibition at Beirut Exhibition Center, Lebanon, 2012
    • All about Lebanon, White Box Kunst Halle , Munich, 2011
    • Je suis lA�A� mA?me si tu ne me vois pas, I am here even if you don’t see me, Solo exhibition at Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2010
    • Tel des oasis dans le dA�sert, Solo exhibition at Eglise des CA�lestins, Festival d’Avignon, France, 2009
    • We could be heroes just for one day, Solo exhibition at MusA�e d’art moderne de la ville de Paris, Paris, France, 2009
    • Circulo de confusion, Solo exhibition at MusA�e de Gigon, Spain, 2008
    • Circle of Confusion, Solo exhibition at CRG Gallery, New York, USA, 2007
    • Present Absent, Gallery Tanit, Munich, Germany, 2004
    • Love it or leave it, Montenegro Biennale, Montenegro, 2004
    • Iconoclash, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2001
    • Fundamentalism of the new order, Charlottenborg, Copenhaguen, Denmark, 2002
    • Missing links, Gallery Townhouse, Cairo, Egypt, 2001
    • Espace vital, La CriA�e, Rennes, France, 2000
    • Beirut: Urban Fictions, Solo exhibition at Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France, 1997
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