Khiam 2000 – 2007 | The Film

  • Story line
    In 1999, while South Lebanon was still occupied and no images of the detention camp in Khiam were available, Hadjithomas and Joreige met six recently freed prisoners to discuss their experience of detention, the relation they developed to art, in order to question the modes of representation.

    In May 2000, the camp of Khiam was liberated and turned into a museum. During the July 2006 war, the camp was totally destroyed.

    Today, there is some talk of rebuilding it exactly as it was. Eight years later, Hadjithomas and Joreige met again with the same six prisoners to talk through the liberation and subsequent destruction of the camp. What are the roles of memory, history, reconstitution, imagination and the power of the image?
  • Production

    A film by

    Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige

    Produced by

    Abbout Production (Lebanon)

    Country of production



    103 minutes
  • cast and crew


    Rajaé Abou Hamaïn, Kifah Afifé, Sonia Baydoun, Soha Béchara, Afif Hammoud, Neeman Nasrallah
    FormatVidéo 4/3 Color
    DialogueArabic with subtitles
    ImageKhalil Joreige & Joana Hadjithomas
    First Part
    EditingMichèle Tyan
    SoundRana Eid
    Second Part
    EditingTina Baz Legal
    SoundSylvain Malbrant
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