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    Faces, 2009
    Digital prints, photographic and drawing works
    43 prints (50 cm x 35cm approx)
    Co-produced by Sharjah Biennial SB9
  • In Lebanon, posters cover the walls of cities and villages. They are generally images of persons who have died tragically, while fighting, or murdered political figures. They are known as “martyrs”. For years, the artists photographed those posters of men belonging to different parties, religions, or creeds, in various regions of the country. But they only selected posters greatly deteriorated by time. Hung high, often in places that were difficult to reach, these posters remain, although the names and features of those represented have been progressively erased. The artists photographed those images at various stages of their gradual erasure. Then, with the help of a graphic designer and various illustrators, they attempted to recover certain features, or accentuate others. But can the image return?
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