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    Video installation
    4 continuous synchronized screens (2 mins 30 sec) Full HD, 2014.

    Four sequence shots. Each one represents a different Internet cafe, in various locations in Lebanon. From one café to the other, from one scam to the next, people encounter one another physically and virtually. Sixteen of them, including Fidel the former scammer, come and go in an orchestrated synchronization among the pedestrians and the cars captured live. Some disappear quickly. Others pass each other in a strange synchronization, walking through a screen to another and another again before disappearing entirely.

    An audio composition accentuates the spatial rupture over temporal continuity, in favor of the virtual links that emerge from these cafes, between scammers, scambeaters, and victims.

    All those who enter the Internet cafes become prisoners within these four screens, condemned to travel from one screen to the other. The cafe network disappears or evolves progressively, with the help of smartphone applications, allowing anyone to invent a life, shielded behind their computer, anonymous, replaying the categories of here and there, of mobility and immobility.