180 Seconds of Lasting Images

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    180 seconds of Lasting Images, 2006
    4500 Lambda Photo print on wood with velcro strip
    408 x 265 cm
  • 180 seconds of Lasting Images is a work derived from the previous video installation : Lasting Images.

    We printed all the images of the super 8 film. Each photogram is treated as a separate entity, cut out and placed on a spiral forming a mosaic of 4500 vignettes. Each photogram, reduced to a size of 4 x 6 cm, to obtain good photo quality, is stuck on a Velcro strip, and seems to quiver.

    At first sight, the work appears to be a white abstract painting (2.68 x 4.08 meters in size) with some purple hues. The picture develops and reveals itself all at once in a temporality different from that of the film, allowing each viewer to grasp the images at his own rhythm. Through the whiteness, the opalescence, of the film a lasting image surges up again, an image is still there, as if it could not be completely shaded out, present yet ghostly. The reel’s phantom forms are reanimated permanently, affirming their refusal to disappear.

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